Coccinelle is a small-scale daycare center founded in February 2001. Located in the former Dominican Monastery “Albertinum” in the Groenewoud quarter which is 500 meters away from the Radboud Univerity, Medical Centre and HAN in a park-like environment.

Coccinelle, the French name for ladybug, gives your child a caring, structured living and playing environment with plenty of opportunity to be outside. We ensure a climate where children feel safe and secure to discover themselves, each other and the world. Both the supervision and the facilities are specially set up for this.

What do we offer?

Coccinelle has two babygroups for childeren aged 0 tot 2 years, two groups for childeren aged 1,5 to 4 years. There are permanent professional pedagogical staff members on the groups. The pedagogical staff will take the utmost account of your educational wishes into. Coccinelle greatly values a close relationship with parents in which transparent communication is important. Coccinelle offers professional and small-scale daycare. A team of professional pedagogical staff is present daily to attend to your child. In addition, there is also a member of the management on site every day. As a result, management is involved in the care of your child, the management knows the parents and is easily accessible for any questions.

Each child receives an individual approach on his or her own level bij the qualified staff. Coccinelle responds to the different levels of development for the children. Our toys invite children to play and development themselves. The presmises are light and colorful in tone, with separate play and activity corners.

For every activity, like playing, eating, resting and attending, there’s plenty of space at a fixed moment. In addition to the regular daily activities, Coccinelle also offers music for children from 0-4 years, under the guidance of a music teacher, cooking activities in the basement for children aged 2.5 to 4, and walking in the park of the Albertinum Monastery. Everything fits into our philosophy of a stimulating educational climate.

Opening hours

Coccinelle is open from Monday from Friday to 7:00 tAM o 19:00 PM, 52 weeks a year. Coccinelle is closed on national holidays.

Are you looking for childcare?

The minimum placement option is two whole days a week. Only on Wednesdays and Fridays we offer the opportunity of a one day a week placement. And even then we will closely watch whether you child can adapt to the group because this is more difficult for your child. 


For more information, please contact Pamela van Rijsewijk. You will then receive information regarding the placement options and you can make an appointment for a tour.

Phone   024 3030308

When you are on the Heyendaalseweg  heading North from Radboud University to the centre of Nijmegen, turn right after the viaduct of the Heyendaal train station. Coccinelle is located just behind the Neijevelt care centre, in the side wing of the former Albertinum Monestary.

You can register your child using the registration form. You can get confirmation of your registration. As soon as we have a place for your child on the desired date and days we will contact you. If you have questions about our daycare centre or placement, you can always call or email us!

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